Sailing yacht Minnic capsized after grounding in Sweden

Sailing yacht Minnic capsizedThe sailing yacht Minnic capsized after grounding onto reef off Moja island, Sweden. The vessel was en route from Kiel to Tritonskar, but was caught by the wind and grounded into a rocky shallow at high speed of 6.8 knots. The crew succeeded to send distress signal to the local coast guard and requested immediate assistance. The sailing yacht Minnic lost its 4.5-ton keel bomb and capsized within a few minutes, throwing all the five seamen into the water. The coast guard and local fishermen started search and rescue operation and found all the five people in good condition and without serious injuries. They were transported to the hospital and released after medical examination.

The yacht capsized resting the bottom as shallow with depth of 2.20 m. The yacht drifted bottom up towards the next island where she got stuck. The local authorities started investigation for the root cause of the accident. There is no report about water pollution in the area of capsizing.

The sailing yacht Minnic has overall length of 16.00 m, beam of 5.00 m and maximum draft of 3.30 m. The modern and lavish luxury yacht is model Brenta 60.

  1. Im Armin Albers, one of the 5 passengers on the boat at the time. Feel free to ask for information, before you publish so much false feed. I am happy that people send news to raise awareness, but I think that this is quite depressing, as it is not true.

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