Sailing yacht Dove II is abandoned and adrift in North Atlantic

Sailing yacht Dove II abandonedThe sailing yacht Dove II is abandoned and adrift in North Atlantic on 550 nautical miles off Fort-de-France, Martinique. The yacht with five crew on board was caught by storm, suffering water ingress and in danger of sinking. e weather conditions were particularly harsh with a swell of up to six meters. The crew sent distress call to the local authorities, which transferred the call to Rescue Coordination Center. The bulk carrier Newseas Jade reported to the distress call and headed to the troubled sailing yacht, but was unable to evacuate the people, due to severe storm. However, the cargo ship remained near the yacht and acted as breakwater, monitoring the development of the situation.

Several hours later at the scene of the troubled sailing yacht Dove II arrived also another bulk carrier Asia Pearl V, which was also unable to rescue the distressed crew. Another sailing yacht Tilly Mint, which was also in vicinity headed to the troubled boat. Being sheltered by the two cargo ships, the Tilly Mint succeeded to maneuver and reach the troubled yacht, evacuating all the five people, including two children. The large-scale search and rescue operation was successful, but the salvage was not possible and the yacht was remained adrift and disabled in North Atlantic.

The rescued people were in good health and without need of medical assistance. The cargo ships were released to resume their voyages. The sailing yacht Tilly Mint headed to Caribbean, where the distressed family will be disembarked.

Luckily the situation with the troubled yachtsmen developed without injuries and casualties.

The sailing yacht Dove II has overall length of 17.00 m, beam of 5.00 m and maximum draft of 2.00 m.

  1. Great to hear all are well. Must have been a well coordinated effort between all 3 vessels

  2. Good to know that you are all safe! Good luck with the rescue and recovery.
    Gordon Hockings

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