Russian authorities treated two oil spills in district of Primorye

oil spill RussiaTwo oil spills were collected in district of Primorye, Russia during the last days. The both spills were in the Bay of Narva Khasan and seaport of Nakhodka, but were successfully collected by the environmental department of the region. The first oil spot, covering area of 2,500 sq m, was spotted off the coast of the Bay of Narva Khasan. The local authorities dispatched a rescue boat with oil booms and equipment for containment of oil spills. The spot was localized and collected, as the team collected 150 kg of oil-water mixture. The local authorities started investigation for the root cause of the oil spill and according to the preliminary information it was caused by the discharge of bilge (oil-contaminated) water from an unidentified marine vessel. The police continue inspections of the all vessels in vicinity to find the responsible for the water pollution.

Just after successful cleaning of the first oil spill, the local authorities were informed about another water pollution near the berth Number 60 in seaport of Nakhodka. The area of the oil spot was 3,000 sq m and during the contamination cleaning the teams collected about 800 kg of oil-water mixture and spill was eliminated.

“During the operationsfor cleansing of oil spills, our team localized and the collected the films with marine waters by installing booms, skimmers and sorbent. The spill comes from discharge of bilge, but responsible vessels are not yet determined. The investigation is under way.”, said the official statement Rosmorrrechflot.

The local authorities did not reported about serious environmental impact from the both water pollution accidents.