Russia intends to obtain quota for fishing in exclusive economic zone of Iceland

Russia fishingRussia intends to revise the agreement with Iceland and Norway and obtain a quota for fishing in the exclusive economic zone of Iceland. The new updated quotas for fishing in Barents and Baltic Sea are discussed on 16th session of the Joint Russian-Icelandic Fisheries Commission, which was held in Moscow. The legal basis for cooperation between Russia and Iceland in the field of fisheries are an agreement between the governments of Russia and Iceland on cooperation in the field of fisheries by the third April 2000, and the agreement between the government of Russian Federation with Iceland and Norway concerning certain aspects of cooperation in fisheries since 15 May 1999.

“Russia has interest in receiving access to the exclusive economic zone of Iceland for the fishing of capelin, mackerel, herring and other species of nautical biological resources of interest to the Russian fishing”, said the official statement of Rosrybolovstvo.

For 2016, Iceland received quota for cod by-catch in the Barents Sea economic zone of Russia. This was achieved in the framework of the intergovernmental agreement between Russia, Iceland and Norway, as well as by the decision of the 45th session of the Joint Russian-Norwegian Fisheries Commission.