Rostourism urges government to take measures in cruise fleet modernization

Russia cruise inlandThe Russian Federal Tourism Agency consider it necessary to take measures for the successful development of cruise tourism in Russia, which currently faces a number of global issues, including the urgent need to develop the fleet. The cruises are a traditional and promising area of ​​domestic tourism, but the volume of passenger traffic on tourist routes on inland waterways in recent years have fallen and now accounts about 350,000 people per year, representing a decrease of 60% in comparison with years before 2009.

“For the further successful development of cruise tourism is necessary to take measures aimed at stimulating the renewal of the fleet, used on inland waterways”, stated the Federal Tourism Agency. “The construction of new luxury ships may be done through public financial markets”, adds the agency.

Rostourism proposes to extend the grant-government regulations for reimbursement of the costs of loans obtained for the purchase of cruise and passenger ships. Also among the proposed measures is introduction of scrappage grant to subsidize shipping companies to compensate part of the construction costs of new ships. In addition, Russian Federal Tourism Agency considers necessary introduction of the capitalization of the grant of state compensation of not less than 50% of the vessel shipbuilding costs.

President Vladimir Putin will hold today in Volgograd State Council Presidium meeting. The theme of the event will be the development of Russia’s inland waterways and cruises. The meeting will discuss measures to address infrastructure constraints and limiting portions on inland waterways, as well as the issues of improving the safety of navigation, including the use of modern navigation technology. Special attention will be given to support the shipbuilding industry.