River cruise ship Grigory Pirogov blocked at Nizhny Novgorod

Grigory PirogovThe river cruise ship Grigory Pirogov suffered technical problem and lost electrical power at Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. The vessel is docked at the port with 140 passengers, mostly elder people and children, for three days. The people are blocked on board, waiting for their river water cruise from Moscow to Kazan. The ship is blocked at the quay for long time, but the tour operator compensated them and ensure all the comfortability of the guests. Rechflot, which organize the cruise, resettled guide passengers to their hotels, but it is not yet clear when the problem will be resolved.

The company did not commented when the situation will be resolved and how the passengers will be compensated. Most of the travelers on board at elder people and children, but company try to ensure all the needed comfort.

The river cruise ship Grigory Pirogov is double-decker passenger river boat built in 1961 at a shipyard in Hungary. The ship has overall length of 78.00 m, beam of 15.30 m and draft of 1.40 m. The average speed of the boat is 10 knots and maximum capacity is for 185 passengers.