Revenue of Hamburg-Sud grew by 16.8% in 2015

Hamburg-SudThe revenue of the German shipping company Hamburg-Sud grew by 16.8% in 2015, amounting to 6.1 billion EUR. The growth was due to successful absorption and integration of container operations of Chilean shipping company Compania Chilena de Navegacion Interoceanica SA (CCNI) after acquisition in Match 2015. Also the company succeeded to improve its market share on all trade routes on East-West services. The container turnover of Hamburg-Sud for the year rose by 21.5% to 4.1 million TEU, while the fleet capacity expended by 16% to 625,000 TEU. With the expansion the carrier ranked among the ten largest container shipping lines in the world.

The company was satisfied by the traffic volumes growth, mostly because the excess tonnage in the world markets and freight rates over the past year dropped by an average of 16%. Hamburg-Sud succeeded also to reduce the costs, supported by the low bunkering prices, as well as successful measures for improve of efficiency.

Hamburg-Sud expects traffic volume growth in 2016 to grow by 8%. However, as freight rates continue to decline, the company do not expects revenue to respond to the growing trend.

Hamburg-Sud is a shipping line on the North-South ocean trade routes, which is part of the Oetker Group, a family-owned German conglomerate. The company operate a fleet of 76 vessels with total capacity of 625,000 TEU.