Passenger ship Kn.Donskoy sank in repair yard in Russia

passenger ship kn.donskoyThe Russian three-deck passenger ship Kn.Donskoy sank in repair yard at Zvenigovsky District Mari El, Russia. The vessel was laid up in the water area of ​​the shipyard on River Volga, when started getting uncontrolled water ingress. The dockworkers were unable to get control over the flood and the passenger ship partially sank to the level of the second deck, resting the bottom. The accident was reported to the local authorities and at the scene of the accident were dispatched environment teams and inspectors to assess situation with the submerged ship. Fortunately the fuel tanks were empty during the sinking and the ship did not cause oil spill and water pollution.

There were no injured people during the accident. The investigation for the circumstances around the sinking are under way. According to preliminary information, the passenger ship Kn.Donskoy sank after breach of crack of the hull, which caused water ingress.

“The ship has sunk to the level of the second deck, and rested the bottom. No one was injured. At the time of the accident, the fuel tanks were empty and there is no environment pollution”, says the official statement of Republican EMERCOM of Russia.

The passenger ship Kn.Donskoy is river vessel, built in 1957 in Germany, which can accommodate 213 passengers with 53 crew. The ship has overall length of 95.80 m, beam of 14.30 m and maximum draft of 2.45 m. The deadweight of the vessel is 1,500 DWT.