Passenger ferry Panagia Tinou capsized in Piraeus

Panagia Tinou capsizedThe passenger ferry Panagia Tinou capsized at berth P4 in Port of Piraeus, Greece. The vessel started to increase starboard list, reaching 40 degrees, after water ingress through an underwater breach. The passenger ferry was docked without crew since April 2015 after financial problems of the operator Ventouris Sea Lines. The neglected ferry started getting water ingress and increased list, reaching the bottom of the pier and almost half of the starboard submerged. The local authorities dispatched two tugs to assist with stabilization of the vessel, as well as two anti-pollution vessels to monitor the ship’s wreck for oil leaks. The area around the passenger ferry was secured by floating anti-pollution barriers to prevent water pollution. On board of the vessel there are several tons of fuel, which cause environmental risk.

The passenger ferry Panagia Tinou reached the bottom and stabilized with high starboard list of 40 degrees. the local authorities sent a diver to inspect the condition of the vessel and was estimated the some ballast tanks were flooded by hole, but the vessel is currently stable and there is no big danger of sinking. The local authorities consider the salvage operation and wreck removal, but the ferry operator is not taking the responsibility for the accident.

The passenger ferry Panagia Tinou (IMO: 7205063) has overall length of 117.00 m, moulded beam of 19.00 m and maximum draft of 5.00 m. The deadweight of the vessel is 1,215 DWT and the gross tonnage is 5,122 GRT. The ship was built in 1972 by DCNS Brest shipyard in France and owned by operator Ventouris Sea Lines.

Video from the accident: