Passenger ferry Dumai Line 3 grounded in Pulau Pedang island

Dumai Line 3 agroundThe passenger ferry Dumai Line 3 ran aground in Malacca Strait at the beach in Pulau Pedang island, Indonesia. The ship was en route from Pulau Sambu to Dumai, but during the passage of the strait suffered blackout and lost propulsion power. The ferry proceeded with dead inertia to the beach and hardly stuck on the sand of Pulau Pedang island. The accident was reported to the local authorities, but ship was not able to refloat by own power. At the scene was dispatched tug and several rescue boats. All the passengers were evacuated and transferred to the shore without reported injuries.

The local authorities started investigation for the root cause of the accident. The salvage will be considered at high tide and after underwater survey of the ship’s hull. There was no oil spill and water pollution reported.

The passenger ferry Dumai Line 3 (IMO: 9724908) has overall length of 38.00 m, moulded beam of 8.00 m and maximum draft of 1.50 m. The ship has deadweight of 259 DWT and gross tonnage of 281 GRT. The vessel is operated by Pt Pelnas Lestari Indomabahari.