Passenger cargo ship Sabuk Nusantara 46 grounded in Java sea

Sabuk Nusantara 46The passenger cargo ship Sabuk Nusantara 46 grounded off Pulau Gosong island, Indonesia. The vessel was en route to Thousand Islands with 115 passengers, but due to navigation mistake grounded into reefs off the archipelago in Java sea. The navigation officer tried to maneuver close to the reefs, but the current and winds adrifted the vessel over the rocks and hardly stuck. The ship hardly aground in the reefs and suffered water ingress in one of the ballast compartments. All the passengers were safe, but local authorities evacuated them due to safety reasons.

All the passengers on board were safe and without injuries. The vessel remained afloat, but there is danger of capsizing or sinking, after water ingress. The salvage operation is under way, but is quite complicated due to sufficient hull damages.

The passenger cargo ship Sabuk Nusantara 46 is operating under the flag of Indonesia and operated by PT Pelni. The ship has overall length of 70.00 m, moulded beam of 10.00 m and maximum draft of 4.00 m. The deadweight of 560 DWT and gross tonnage of 470 GRT. The ship is new and built in 2016.