One dead after fishing trawler Shun Tien 606 capsized in Kaohsiung port

Shun Tien 606The fishing trawler Shun Tien 606 capsized, touching the bottom with starboard, at Kaohsiung port after the passage of the super typhoon Meranti through Southern Taiwan. The boat started getting water ingress, suffering breaches in the starboard aft section and heavy seas worse the situation. The engine room started flooding, which capsized and partially sank the fishing boat. One crew of the fishing vessel Shun Tien 606 died, falling overboard into the story sea. The vessel was partially sank and port board, as well as superstructure remained above the water level, but engineer room was flooded. The local authorities will consider refloating of the fishing ship after weather improves.

Another several fishing vessels were seriously damages after braking mooring lines. At least 22 crew from the nearby vessels are also injured and rescued by the local authorities. All of them were hospitalized without life-threatening injuries.

The damages at the port are sufficient, as the winds of typhoon caused anchor dragging of several ships at the outer road and braking of mooring lines of container carrier YM Wind.

The fishing vessel Shun Tien 606 has gross tonnage of 995 GRT. The Taiwan-flagged ship has overall length of 43.00 m, moulded beam of 8.00 m and maximum draft of 3.50 m.