Oil washed up the shore of Fraser Island in Queensland

Beach on Fraser IslandOil washed up the shore of Fraser Island in Queensland, Australia. The local authorities started investigation for the responsible for the 50-km oil slick at the beach of World Heritage-listed site, checking list all merchant vessels registered in vicinity during the past days. The oil washed up the shore between Dilli Village and Maheno shipwreck, but according to the investigation and hazmat teams the pollution comes offshore from Coral Sea towards New Caledonia. The cleanup operations are under way and about a dozen crew were dispatched at the 50-km stretch beach.

“Obviously it’s come from a ship and it’s obviously come from offshore”, said Patrick Quirk from Maritime Safety Queensland. “The east coast current that comes down from the Coral sea, the first land they hit is Fraser Island so this oil could have come from way on the other side of the Coral Sea towards New Caledonia. Queensland Parks and Wildlife Rangers are on standby to be involved in clean up as required”, added he.

The local authorities are investigating the source of pollution, checking the list of vessel in vicinity, which might be responsible for the oil spill.

“A helicopter searched the ocean around that area and has been unable to identify an oil spill in the water”, said the Environment Minister, Steven Miles. “Oil like this could travel below the water level in which case it would not be visible from the helicopter”, added he.

Currently, no wildlife had been impacted by the oil spill and environment pollution. According to the environmental specialists, there are turtles, but not in that area. The investigation is under way and authorities are looking for evidences.