Oil smuggling caused deadly fire at Gadani Ship-breaking yard

Gadani ship breaking yard tanker fireOil smuggling caused the tragedy accident at Gadani Ship-breaking yard, where died dozens of workers on board of the burning tanker Aced, showed the investigation from the prosecutors and Ministry for Shipping. The report showed that during dismantling the tanker, on board there were 132 tons of furnace oil, 27 tons of diesel oil, 1,100 tons of sludge and 30,000 of luboils. According to the prosecutors the enormous big quantity of luboils were part of smuggling scheme for illegal import of oil products into the country. The further investigation of the police and prosecutors will investigation for engaged persons into the oil smuggling scheme.

“A huge quantity of lubricants smuggled by the shipowner had caught fire due to mishandling of work managers”, said the Minister of Ports and Shipping, Mir Hasil Khan Bizenjo. “According to the Customs rules and regulations, decommissioned vessels are only allowed to carry a fixed quantity of oil required for their voyage from a port of departure to Gadani shipbreaking yard in Pakistan”, added he. “Businessmen acquire decommissioned ships for scrap from different parts of the world and bring them to the United Arab Emirates where they are filled with lubricants which are then smuggled into Pakistan”, also told Mir Hasil Khan Bizenjo.

Also the investigation found a lot of deficiency in safety and dire working conditions in Gadani Ship-breaking yard, which is the world’s third largest ship breaking yard with 132 ship-breaking plots located across a 10 km long beachfront. The work at the yard is stopped after the accident and will be resumed in the beginning of next week.

More than 26 people died at fire and several explosions on board of tanker Aced during dismantling at Gadani Ship-breaking yard in the beginning of the month. The fire blazed four days and caused hundreds of injuries of the dockworkers.

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