Merchant mariners more concerned about their jobs

Ship engineersMore and more merchant marine employees are expressing concern about their jobs, according to the latest survey of leading agency Halcyon Recruitment. The survey includes 3,000 people from the maritime industry and the results show growing uncertainty and concerns in the sector. Workers in the industry, who are taking onshore positions are several times feeling more insecure for their jobs than in comparison with the previous years. About 63% of respondents expressed concern about their jobs and many of them have expressed their willingness to change it within 12 months. The tanker segment is one of the more positive markets with 56% receiving a bonus and 42% a pay increase.

“The results this year are unlikely to surprise most, as shipping markets have been, and continue to be, depressed. Save for some short-term improvements, there is no evidence to suggest any notable change on the horizon in the next 12 months. With a severe lack of promotion and advancement opportunities, morale is low and one of the leading reasons for dissatisfaction among employees in their current role”, said the CEO of Halcyon Recruitment, Heidi Heseltine.

The 8th Maritime Employee Survey was published today and based on nearly 3,000 responses from merchant marine workers. Responses were drawn from all the key maritime centres and included respondents representing all the major trades working in both commercial and operational roles.