Malaysian ship hijacked in Celebes sea

indonesia piratesThe Malaysian ship Masfive 6 was hijacked by pirates near Pulau Ligitan off Semporna. The ship was proceeding from Manila to Tawau, but while proceeding at the east coast of Sabah during the night was boarded by group of 8 armed Filipino pirates. The pirates took control over the vessel and maintained the same course, but slowed speed. The armed men robbed the vessel and crew cabins, damaged the communication and navigation equipment and abandoned the vessel, taking with them four hostages from the crew. The pirates boarded the speedboat and headed in south direction with the kidnapped seamen.

The remaining five crew members headed to Semporna and reported about the accident. The local authorities started investigation and started rescue operation of the kidnapped seamen. The Malaysian Police do not reveal additional information about the accident. It is not known yet who the hijackers are, just pirates or militants from terrorist group.

The Malaysian ship Masfive 6 has overall length of 70.00 m, moulded beam of 10.00 m and maximum draft of 3.50 m. The vessel is operating and coastal freighter in the country.