Maersk Oil extended contract for accommodation jack-up rig Haven

rig HavenMaersk Oil extended with two months the charter contract for the accommodation jack-up rig Haven, owned by Jacktel. The platform will operate another two months off Denmark with dayrate of 77,500 USD/day and the total value of the agreement extension is 4.5 million USD. The jack-up rig Haven was hired by Maersk Oil on 6 months charter contract with two extension options, commencing since October 2015. The chartering dayrate was 77,500 USD/day with up to 150 personnel on board.

The accommodation jack-up rig Haven also can employment contract with Statoil for use on the Johan Sverdrup field in the North Sea, commencing in June 15, 2018. The contract is for 18 months with five extension options. The total value of the firm contract period is approximately 78 million USD, asl well as additional upgrade cost of approximately 100 million USD. The platform will be engaged in installation and commissioning period for the Johan Sverdrup project phase 1.

The accommodation jack-up rig Haven was built in 2011, offering improved landing area for helicopters and a new sky lobby. The rig features with 443 single cabins and 2 double cabins. It is the largest jack-up accommodation platform currently in operation in the North Sea. The rig Haven is owned by Master Marine’s subsidiary Jacktel. The overall length of the platform is 117.60 m, the beam is 50.00 m and the hull depth is 9.00 m. The main deck area is 2,500 sq m, while the gross deck load capacity is 8,100 tons.