Kongsberg Maritime cut another 100 jobs

Kongsberg MaritimeKongsberg Maritime cut another 100 jobs, due to company’s reduced activities in offshore sectors and low number of new orders, released Economics Gazette. The new lay offs were already announced in front of the regulatory. The company will following the social agreements in the employment contracts. Most of the job cuts will be from the Kongsberg facilities, although other locations will be covered too. It is not yet clear when the new round of layoffs will start and what exact areas will cover. Kongsberg Maritime stated, that the new new cost reductions will save the company and improve liquidity, keeping it competitive on the world markets. Currently, the company has labor force of 4,692 employees.

This is second massive lay off of permanent employees by Kongsberg Maritime. In the end of 2015 the company already cut 100 jobs through voluntary retirement, reduced use of consultants and internal transfers to other positions within the Kongsberg group.

“The slowdown in the offshore industry means approximately 100 permanent employees will lose their jobs at Kongsberg Maritime. Since October last year, almost as many had to go”, said the Communications Director of Kongsberg Maritime, Ronny Lie. “This downsizing makes necessary for Kongsberg to be able to adjust to the market and ensure competitiveness in a continuously demanding offshore market”, added he.

Kongsberg Maritime is a Norwegian technology company within Kongsberg Group. The company deliver systems for positioning, surveying, navigation and automation to merchant vessels and offshore installations. Their best known products exist within dynamic positioning systems, marine automation and surveillance systems, process automation, satellite navigation and hydroacoustics.