Islamic terrorists hijacked tug Brahma 12 in Sulu Sea

terrorists hijackTerrorists from the Islamist group Abu Sayyaf hijacked the tug Brahma 12 in Sulu Sea, taking in captivity the vessel and 10 crew members. The tug was attacked on 15 nautical miles off Philippines by armed group from fast boat, who succeeded to board the vessel and took over control. During the attack on board of the tug there were 10 crew members, proceeding from Banjarmasin to Philippines. The terrorists changed course of the tug to a small island in Sulu Sea, where anchored and get in contract with operator Patria Maritime. The pirates asked for ransom of 1 million USD.

The local authorities and coast guard were informed about the accident. The investigation is under way. The Navy is informed about the hijacking and negotiate with terrorists for releasing of the crew. According to official statement, the crew is safe and without injuries until now. Further information is not available currently.

The tug Brahma 12 (IMO: 9765407) has overall length of 32.80 m, moulded beam of 9.40 m, depth of 4.15 m and maximum draft of 3.10 m. The vessel has gross tonnage of 211 GRT. The tug Brahma 12 is operating under the flag of Indonesia and managed by ship operator operator Patria Maritime.