Iranian oil tanker Masrour sank in the Persian Gulf

Tanker sank IranThe Iranian oil tanker Masrour sank in the Persian Gulf on 4 nautical miles off drilling rig located at Soroush Oilfield. The vessel started getting water ingress in the aft after engine room severely flooded. The crew sent distress signal and requested assistance from the local authorities. Responding to the request, the Marine Operations Unit of Bahregan established an immediate radio communication with the tanker’s captain and dispatched a ship equipped with a mobile flood pump from Abouzar Platform. The dewatering was started, but the debit of the pump was not enough and vessel partially sank. After was estimated that the ship is losing stability, the local rescue coordination center ordered the seamen on board of the oil tanker Masrour to be evacuated.

All the 12 crew were transferred to the shore without reported injuries. The local authorities started investigation for the root cause of the sinking and will get witness evidences from the crew.

Three tugboats were dispatched at the scene, trying to tow the vessel ashore. The towing was started, but the aft part almost submerged. The tugs released towing lines, due to danger from their safety, laving the oil tanker to sink at hundreds meters depth. There is no report about injuries. The tanker was loaded with crude oil, but there is no reported oil leaks. The area around the coordinates of sinking is under monitoring by the local environment center.

The oil tanker Masrour was under charter by Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC).