Iran starts import fish product from Russia

Fishing industryIran starts import fish product from Russia and plans next week to send consistent Veterinary experts to issue a certificates for the import of such products. The decision was taken after a business visit of representatives of Iran Veterinary Organization to Russian Federal Center for Animal Health, held in Moscow. The both sides negotiated possible partnership and cooperation between both countries in several sections, including fishing and transport. The representatives of Iran also informed that exert maximum efforts for an early signing of the protocol on supplies of Russian frozen boneless beef.

“Serious capacity and technological potential of the Russian Institute, as well as successfully developing the Iranian pharmaceutical industry is open to the countries multifaceted possibilities of cooperation in the field of manufacturing and trade of vaccines and medicines for veterinary use”, said the statement of Iran Veterinary Organization.

Russian fishing industry is one of the largest in the world, having an exclusive economic zone of 7.6 million sq km, including including access to twelve seas in three oceans, landlocked Caspian Sea and more than two million rivers. Russian fishing industry harvested 3,190,946 tonnes of fish from wild fisheries and another 114,752 tonnes from aquaculture. The country produces 2.3% of the world total fish production.