Indonesian rescue vessel SAR Purworejo ran aground in Singapore Strait

SAR Purworejo agroundThe Indonesian rescue vessel SAR Purworejo ran aground in Singapore Strait on the reefs in Tanjungpinggir waters, Batam island. The vessel was en route from Sekupang to Belakang Padang, when helmsman failed to maintain the course under the pressure of the crosswind and strong currents. The rescue vessel SAR Purworejo left the fairway and stuck by aft part into the reefs, suffering serious breached into the aluminum hull and water ingress. The reported the accident to the local authorities, but did no requested evacuation, as there is no immediate danger from capsizing or sinking. There were no injured people and no water pollution, but salvage operation will be considered at high tide after ensure stability of the ship.

“The ship was too far from the right position. Moreover, the low tide is coming. We do not know whether the ship was equipped with radar, GPS or not. Strangely ships with sophisticated technology it could run aground”, commented one of the beat skippers operating in the region.

Furthermore, against the increasingly receding sea water the hull of rescue vessel SAR Purworejo (or SAR 101), is clearly visible rising above the rocks. As a result, the hull is no longer floating on the sea water.

The Indonesian rescue vessel SAR Purworejo is equipped with aluminum helideck for grounding helicopters and has facilities for search and rescue of survivors, as well as a navigation system with camera plear. The vessel is owned and operated by the National Search and Rescue Agency (BASARNAS). The ship is SAR Purworejo (SAR 101) is catamaran-type aluminum boat with a length of 59.00 m, moulded beam of 9.00 m and maximum draft of 3.50 m. The vessel is able to reach service speed of 29 kts.