Hazardous chemicals spilled from container at Port of Napier

Hazardous Chemicals SpillHazardous chemicals spilled from methyl ethyl ketone container at Port of Napier, New Zealand. The leak was reported to the fire department and local authorities, which established 100-meter exclusion zone around the pollution site. The chemical leaked at the port terminal and hazmat teams are foreseeing to open the container, allowing fumes from the leaking drum to dissipate. After that will remove the undamaged drums from the container and wash them down, while the damaged will be taken to a hazardous goods storage facility. The whole operation will take several hours, engaging four fire crews and a Hazmat team. At the scene of leaked container was dispatched also St John ambulance as a precaution.

“The drums within a container spilled the chemical just after 10am”, said the Fire communications shift manager, Craig Dalley. “We are not sure how much chemical had spilled. At the moment crews are isolating the area”, added he.

There were no injured people during the accident and no water pollution. Fortunately, the spilled chemical did not spread to the water and and Hawke Bay.

The operations at Port of Napier were not affected. Currently on cruise terminal is docked cruise ship with thousands of passengers on board, but spill was unrelated and away from the people.

Methyl ethyl ketone is commonly used as a paint thinner and cleaning agent, capable of removing almost all oil fat or grease stains. It can also be used in the blending and compounding of adhesives and manufacture of synthetic cements. Labels describe its vapor has highly flammable.

Napier Port in New Zealand in located on the on Hawke Bay. It is the North Island’s second largest export port by tonnage.