Product tanker Jin Long Da 98 sank in East China Sea

Jin Long Da 98 sinkingThe product tanker Jin Long Da 98 sank in East China Sea after water ingress in bad weather conditions. The vessel started listing to portboard with water ingress and breaches in the hull. The crew was unable to stabilize the ship and sent distress signal to the local authorities. The rescue coordination center ordered a nearby fishing ship and tanker Dong Cheng You 11 to head to the scene of the accident. The fishing vessel arrived first and evacuated all the 13 crew members, transferring them to the tanker without any injuries. The weather was bad with high waves and big swell, which prevented any salvage operation. The the product tanker Jin Long Da 98 capsized and sank later during the night. The area is monitored for water pollution and oil spill.

The local authorities started investigation for the root cause of the accident. The evidences from the crew show that hull of the product tanker Jin Long Da 98 breached and started getting water ingress. The vessel listed heavily to portboard and seamen were in immediate danger. Fortunately the fast reaction of the rescue coordination center and nearby fishermen saved the crew.

The product tanker Jin Long Da 98 has overall length of 100.00 m, moulded beam of 16.00 m and maximum draft of 5.50 m. The vessel is operating as coastal freighter under the flag of China.