French dockworkers on strike against labor law reform

French dockworkersFrench dockworkers from CGT trade union joined the national strike against labor law reform on September 15, stopped working of the major ports in the country. The trade union claimed that the new legislation will curb workers rights and make it easier for companies fire employees. Moreover, according to the dockworkers, the new labor law reform in the country violates conventions of the International Labour Organisation relating to collective bargaining, trade union rights and layoffs. The strike closed operations at the Marseille-Fos and Le Havre ports, which are among the major container and chemical terminals in France. The prolonged strike can cause significant disruptions to cargo movement in the region.

“We will mobilize trade union organizations of wage earners, youth CGT, FO, FSU, Solidaires, UNEF, UNL, LDIFs, private-employees, students and retirees Sept. 15 to protest the labor law. On terms decided locally, mobilization will take the form of rallies, demonstrations, strikes, etc. for the repeal of this law, (which would) conquer new guarantees and collective protection”, said CGT in official statement. “This new labor lawis not good for wage earners and young people. It will not be either for the economy. While unemployment and insecurity are rising, weakening the collective agreements for the benefit of company agreements, this law increases competition between companies pushing alignment with the lowest bidder for employees. This social dumping logic will create more flexibility and precariousness and challenge many social gains”, added the union.

On other hand, the French economy minister Emmanuel Macron consider that the reform aims to reduce hard labor market regulation in order to ensure the economy more flexible and competitive.