Floating restaurant with 375 tourists collapsed in Vinh Hy Bay

Floating restaurant collapsedA tourist boat collided with floating restaurant with 375 tourists in Vinh Hy Bay, Vietnam. After the collision the floating restaurant, which was constructed on a 200-square-meter platform on top of floating oil drums, started sinking on one side. Panicked guests immediately tried to escape from the sinking restaurants, but most of them eventually fell into the sea. The local fishermen and staff from the nearby restaurant succeeded to rescue many of the customers, but local authorities confirmed about death of two Vietnamese tourists. Another four people, aged between 25 and 31, have been hospitalized for treating of injuries. The local authorities started massive search and rescue operation, as some people are still considered missing and there is no exact list of tourists who were on board of the restaurant during the accident.

The police in Ninh Thuan province will investigate the reason of sinking and root cause of the accident. Also will be investigated if all the safety measures were taken during operations of the floating restaurant. According to official report, the sea where the restaurant anchored is about 2.50 m deep, which prevented from more casualties.

There is no information about missing and injured foreigners, as Vinh Hy Bay is well known among tourists with its’ resorts, beautiful beaches and amazing nature. At the time of accident, there were 375 people, including more than 300 tourists brought to the restaurant by Vinh Tien Co, and the eatery attendants.