Floating dock sank off San Francisco

Ocean Ranger tugFloating dock sank on 40 nautical miles west off San Francisco, USA. The dock was under tow by tug Ocean Ranger from Seattle to Mexico, but started getting water ingress and listed to port board. The duty officer of the tug reported the accident to the US Coast Guard and detached the 160-meter floating dock. The crew was unable to stabilize the construction, which capsized and sank. The floating dock was unmanned and without fuel or other hazardous materials on board. There were no injured people and no water pollution during the accident. The tug Ocean Ranger was detained during the investigation for capsizing of the giant floating construction.

The root cause of the accident will be investigation. According to preliminary information, the dock’s hull breached and started getting water ingress, which caused capsized and sinking. Fortunately crew succeeded to release the towing lines on time, preventing from more serious accident with capsizing of the tug.

The tug Ocean Ranger (IMO: 9010656) has overall length of 35.00 m, moulded beam of 10.00 m and maximum draft of 4.50 m. The gross tonnage of the vessel is 333 GRT.