Fishing vessel Siempre Urbegi sank in Bay of Biscay

fishing vessel sankThe fishing vessel Siempre Urbegi sank in Bay of Biscay off Malpica, Spain. The vessel ran aground on rocky shallow, suffering breaches and water ingress. The vessel lost stabilisy and capsized, but all the crew succeeded to abandon the vessel into a liferaft and sent distress signal to local MRCC. At the scene of the distressed people arrived nearby fishing boats and rescue ships, which recovered all the fishermen. Two from the rescued fishermen showed signs of hypothermia, while another two suffered injuries at head and hand. All the people were taken into hospital for medical examination and treatments. The condition of all fishermen is stable and none of them has life-threatening injuries.

The local authorities started salvage operations for the submerged fishing boat Siempre Urbegi. The nets and boxed from the ship were recovered and removed from the site. The divers attached balloons, which picked up the ship from the bottom, while salvage tugs towed the wreck to Malpica in submerged state. At the Spanish port, the ship will be refloated and then inspected.

The ship has several hundred liters of fuel on board, but there were no reported about leaks and water pollution.

The fishing vessel Siempre Urbegi has overall length of 18.00 m, moulded beam of 6.00 m and maximum draft of 2.50 m.