Fishing vessel Alaska Juris sank in Bering Sea

Alaska Juris sinkingThe fishing vessel Alaska Juris started getting water ingress and sinking in Bering Sea on 150 nautical miles northwest off Adak, Alaska. The vessel was operating near Kiska island, when the engine room started flooding and crew was unable to get control. The captain sent distress signal to the local MRCC and ordered all the 46 crew members to equip with their survival suits and abandoned the vessel into life rafts. The first two life rafts were secured to the troubled fishing vessel with mooring lines, but the third broke its life and was taken by the current and adrift. All the rafts had their EPIRB responders and were in communication with the Alaska MRCC.

The local authorities organized search and rescue operation for the survivors. The nearby vessels were engaged into rescue operation and first at the scene. The bulk carrier Spar Canis responded to the scene and found the first two rafts with totally 28 people. The third raft with another 18 people was approached by container ship Vienna Express and all the people were rescued. All the people were in good health without serious injuries, but were transported to the hospital for medical examination.

The vessel Alaska Juris (IMO: 7514854) is fishing factory and trawler, which has overall length of 72.00 m, moulded beam of 13.00 m and maximum draft of 6.00 m. The gross tonnage of the ship is 1,213 GRT. Alaska Juris was built in 1975 by US Martinac Shipbuilding and operated by Alaska Fishing.