Fishing boat sank after collision with chemical tanker in Bungo Channel

fishing boat capsizeFishing boat sank after collision with South Korean chemical tanker in Bungo Channel off Saiki, Japan. The cargo ship was proceeding in northern direction through the channel, but due to watch change, morning fog and moderate visibility, collided with no marked fishing boat on several nautical miles off the coast. The fishing boat capsized and sank, throwing into the water all the crew. The people were rescued several minutes after the accident from the nearby fishermen, but was understood that boat skipper had some injuries. He was transported to the local hospital for medical treatment and examination. The chemical tanker did not suffered damages and after reporting the accident resumed voyage to Nagoya, where will be inspected.

The local authorities started investigation for the root cause of the accident. Considering from the hour of accident (0815 h) it happened shortly after watch change and during the morning fog, typical for this region. According to preliminary information from the authorities, the small fishing boat was not well marked and was on the route of the cargo ship without signalization.

Initially was reported that the chemical tanker was Pretty Hana, but after further investigation was estimated that vessel is not the earlier mentioned. We send our apologize for the inconvenience caused to the shipowner and operator.