Fire on container ship CCNI Arauco was extinguished

CCNI AraucoThe fire on board of container ship CCNI Arauco was finally extinguished. About 20 firefighters are still at the scene of the troubled ship, monitoring and inspecting the vessel. The burning cargo from the hold was unloaded and taken to the quay, where is under strict monitoring in case of flame erupt again and need to be extinguished. The experts boarded the container ship to estimate the damages caused by the fire and will follow an inspection for seaworthiness and hull’s strength. All the firefighting equipment and foam was removed from the cargo hold, as currently it can be cleared and surveyed.

The investigation for the fire also started, including the cargo inside burning containers and safety rules taken during the welding works.

Maritime Herald recall that the mega container ship CCNI Arauco caught fire in September 1, after welding work over empty container, which exploded and spread flames to nearby units. The firefighters started salvage, which took almost 4 days, as temperature inside the vessel was extremely high, causing immediately danger for the strength of the hull and seaworthiness of the ship.

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