Fire on board of chemical tanker Burgos put under control

fire Burgos tankerThe fire on board of the Pemex chemical tanker Burgos was put under control after 30 hours of firefighting. The flames engulfed the two fore cargo tanks, but were restricted from spreading to the whole vessel or neighboring tanks. According to the local authorities more than 167,000 barrels of fuel burned into the fire, but firefighters main task is to protect the vessel from extension of the flames. The fire will be completely extinguished within 1-2 days, due to the complicated type of cargo and danger for seaworthiness of the ship. In firefighting were engaged three fire boats, five harbor tugs and four Mexican Navy vessels, which continue to pour water over the vessel’s hull, trying to decrease its temperature and prevent cracking and breaching.

According to local authorities, there is no major oil spill and environment pollution, except several small oil spots around the burning tanker. At the scene of the vessel are dispatched boats with oil booms and water cleansing equipment, which aims to prevent additional spreading of the oil spots.

“There is no other risk, the fuel is spilling into the sea, but not polluting because it burns. No oil is going to the seabed. It remains on the surface, where is burning”, said the director of APIVER, Juan Ignacio Fernandez Carvajal. “Still there is risk of sinking, but we are trying to avoid it”, added he.

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