Fire erupted at Exxon Mobil’s refinery and chemical plant in Texas

Baytown Refinery and Chemical PlantFire erupted at Exxon Mobil’s Baytown Refinery and Chemical Plant in Texas, USA. The fire started in a hydrotreating facility, where the diesel is processed at the oil refinery element of the plant. The flamed sent black smoke over the Houston Ship Channel and intoxicated the the air in vicinity. According to preliminary information there were no dangerous substances for population. At the scene of the fire were dispatched two firefighting teams, which succeeded to extinguish the fire in several hours. The traffic at Houston Ship Channel was disturbed by the smoke for several hour during firefighting, but allowed under increased attention.

The local authorities will investigate the root cause of the fire. Also the safety operations of the plant will be inspected. The oil terminal at the plant was no affected by the fire. The air in vicinity is under monitoring by Exxon’s and authorities mobile station.

Baytown Refinery and Chemical Plant is the largest petrochemical complex in USA. The main complex covers five square miles, and includes a refinery, two chemical plants, a regional engineering office and a global technology center. A plastics plant is located in Mont Belvieu. The sites in the Baytown area are highly integrated, working together to make the plants and products more efficient.