Fire engulfed the offshore platform Guneshli-19 in Caspian sea

platform Guneshli-19 fireFire engulfed the offshore platform Guneshli-19 in Caspian sea off Azerbaijan. The accident happened after low-pressure gas blowout occurred on Well No 171 in Guneshli oil field, which inflamed on board of the rig. All the 49 crew on board were evacuated from the oil platform after the fire erupted, without reporting of serious injuries. At the scene of the fire were dispatched a dozen of tugs and rescue ships, which started firefighting. The vessel are pouring water over the flames and the the burning platform and after several hours the fire was completely extinguished. The damages on board of the offshore rig are under assessment after inspection of the firefighters and local authorities.

“The gas leakage was stopped and a fire was completely extinguished in early hours on Tuesday”, said the Azerbaijani Emergency Ministry and field operator SOCAR in joint statement. “Employees of the paramilitary blowout service took immediate measures to stop the emission of gas and to extinguish the flames on time”, added the statement.

The local authorities started investigation for the root cause of the fire. The accident occurred during maintenance works. There is no report about water pollution, but water cleansing equipment was dispatched on site.

The offshore platform Guneshli-19 is operated by the Azeri State Oil Company SOCAR. Before the accident, the platform produced 920 tonnes of oil and 1.08 million cubic meters of gas per day. About 60% of the oil produced by SOCAR was transported through this platform.