Explosion on recreation boat Gilicat 2 killed two foreign tourists in Bali

Gilicat 2Fast recreation boat Gilicat 2 with 35 foreign tourists and 5 crew caught fire after engine explosion off Padang Bai in Bali Indonesia. The boat headed to Lombok, but minutes after leaving Bali, one of the fuel tanks exploded and fire extended to the whole vessel. Two from the people on board, German female tourist and and male Indonesian crew, died en route to the hospital after heavy injuries and burns. Another 14 tourists were injured and transport to the clinic in Padang Bai for medical treatment and examination. The passengers on board of recreation boat Gilicat 2 were with English, German, Holland, French, Italian and Spanish nationalities, while the crew were Indonesians.

“The explosion came from the fuel tanks in the engine room and was not caused by a bomb”, said said police investigator, Karang Asem. “Allegedly there was a short circuit in the electrical equipment placed on top of the fuel tank, which caused explosion”, added he.

Police have sealed off the Gilicat 2 speed boat after an explosion on the vessel. The boat has overall length of 11.60 m, moulded beam of 5.00 m and maximum draft of 2.00 m. The vessel has total capacity for 37 passengers, including 3 crew. The boat has propulsion of three Suzuki DF 300 outboard engines and maximum speed of 35.0 kts.