Estonia and Russia agreed on fishing quotas in border lakes

Fishing lake PeipusThe delegations of Estonia and Russia agreed on the size of fishing quotas in 2017 in the border lakes. According to the recommendations of scientists of both countries, in Lake Peipus and Lake Pihkva the total fishing quota is 7,014 tons. The quotas Estonia and Russia will be divided equally during the coming year at 3507 tonnes, as Estonia will be able to fish 395 tons more than in the current year. According to the agreement there is increased quotas for production of perch, pike-perch, bream, pike, roach and whitefish.

According to the Ministry of Environment environment Chancellor Estonia, for zander, perch, bream and pike fishery resources stocks were rated as good. At the same time, due to predation by poachers catch smelt and whitefish their production will be limited.

The meeting also discussed the program of development of scientific work in the border lakes and the organization of security activity.

Lake Peipus is the biggest transboundary lake in Europe on the border between Estonia (part of European Union) and Russia. The lake is the fifth largest in Europe after Lake Ladoga and Lake Onega in Russia north of St. Petersburg, Lake Vänern in Sweden, and Lake Saimaa in Finland.