Dutch freighter Nova Cura grounded in the reefs off Lesbos island

Nova Cura groundedThe Dutch freighter Nova Cura grounded in the reefs off Lesbos island, Greece. The accident happened during a voyage from Istanbul to Aliaga with cargo of steel pipes. The vessel suffered engine failure and hardly stuck into the rocks, getting underwater breach in the starboard. The breach caused water ingress and flooding of the ballast tanks, but crew succeeded to get control of the water ingress and stabilized the general cargo ship. At scene of the grounding were dispatched two tugs, as well as coast guard patrol vessel. The salvage operation will be started just after estimation of the damages and ensure seaworthiness.

In the local media appeared information that Dutch freighter Nova Cura was carrying migrants to Greece, but the rumors were not confirmed by the local authorities investigation. Fortunately during the accident there were no injured people and no water pollution. The ship will be surrounded by oil booms during salvage in case of any oil spill.

The general cargo ship Nova Cura (IMO: 9166479) has overall length of 109.00 m, moulded beam of 16.00 m and maximum draft of 6.60 m. The deadweight of the vessel is 5,579 DWT and the gross tonnage is 3,999 GRT. The freighter was built in 1999 by Santierul Naval Severnav in the shipyard in Severin, Romania. The owner and operator of the vessel is Dutch company Nova Sea Transport.