Dockworker died in cargo handling accident at Port of Burgas

Port of BurgasDockworker died at Port of Burgas after felling into the cargo hold of the general cargo vessel Santana. The accident with 44-years-old worker happened during unloading of metal blanks from the cargo ship on 22 Berth in Bulgarian Black Sea port. The accident was immediately reported to the port authorities and at the scene was dispatched ambulance with emergency teams, which gave first aid to the injured worker. The dockworker was transferred to the ambulance, but unfortunately died en route to the hospital. The port authorities sent their greatest regrets to the family of the died dockworker and started investigation for the circumstances around the accident.

According to the preliminary investigation, the safety rules for cargo handling operations were violated by the team of working, who were discharging the metal blanks from the cargo vessel. The authorities will seriously inspect the brigade for following the regulations during working at heights.

The cargo handling operations at general cargo vessel Santana were hampered during the accident, but later were restarted. The ship left Port of Burgas en route to Mariupol, Ukraine.

Port of Burgas is the biggest Bulgarian port located on the Black Sea coast. It has been recognized as a major trans-European transport network TEN-T. The port is located in the eponymous Burgas bay in the westernmost part of the coast. The port has total of 33 berths with a maximum draft of 15.50 m.