Cruise ship Thomson Majesty lost propulsion power after fire in engine room off Italy

Thomson MajestyThe cruise ship Thomson Majesty lost propulsion power after minor fire in engine room off Livorno, Italy. The vessel left the Italian port en route to Corsica, but lost propulsion power after outage in the power unit, caused by a short circuit and fire. The engineers activated the CO2 firefighting system and extinguished the flames without putting in danger the people on board. However, the cruise ship Thomson Majesty remained adrift for several hours in Mediterranean Sea, until the engineers succeed to restart the engines and to return the propulsion power. The vessel returned to Livorno for additional repairs and special inspection, cancelling the voyage to Corsica. There was no official statement from the cruise line, but according to some passengers there was a minor fire in engine room, which caused the blackout.

“Last night on the way from Livorno to Corsica, the cruise ship lost all power. It was drifting in the Med, with passengers in pitch black, without the use of toilets, without any great communication from staff”, said witness from the cruise ship.

After repairs of the engine and inspection the vessel by maritime authorities in Italy, Thomson Majesty returned in service and headed to Barcelona, skipping voyages to Corsica and Marseille.

Thomson Majesty (IMO: 8814744) is a cruise ship owned by Louis Cruises and is chartered/operated by Thomson Cruises. The vessel has overall length 173.50 m, moulded beam of 27.60 m and maximum draft of 6.20 m. The deadweight of the vessel s 2,600 DWT and the gross tonnage is 32,396 GRT. The ship is driven by four Wartsila 6R46 engines, providing total output power of 28,500 hp. The cruise ship Thomson Majesty has capacity for 1,256 passengers in double occupancy.