Container ship TS Taipei split on two parts at stormy weather off Taiwan

TS Taipei damagedThe container ship TS Taipei split on two parts at stormy weather after grounding on a nautical mile off Keelung, Taiwan. The bunker tanks of the vessel are broken and there is sufficient oil leak. Also there is immediate danger for the ship’s stability and seaworthiness, as the storm might cause capsizing and real environment disaster. According to the Taiwan’s Environmental Protection Agency, the container carrier has about 240 tons of fuel oil, 35 tons of lube oil and 30 tons of waste and other contaminants, which might spill into the water off Taiwan. The container ship TS Taipei was carrying also 617 containers, including hazardous cargo Class A. Some containers already fell overboard and have washed ashore or currently under monitoring.

The cargo ship grounded on 1-2 nautical miles off Keelung, Taiwan in beginning of March after losing propulsion power at stormy weather. The vessel hardly stuck in the rocks off Shimen Township in New Taipei, Taiwan and suffered damages of hull and breaches. All the 21 crew members were evacuated from the container carrier by the Coast Guard and ship operator started to draining the fuel from the tanks, considering salvage operation. Unfortunately a new storm caused cracking of the hull and braking of the vessel on two parts, which was followed by oil leak and environment pollution.

TS TaipeiThe oil spill has forced officials to close nearby fishing grounds and warned tourists to stay out of the water. The local authorities dispatched two tugs and rescue boats at the scene of the accident to restrict the leak by oil booms, but cleaning of the water is hampered by the bad weather.

the container ship TS Taipei (IMO: 9348481) has overall length of 168.00 m, beam of 24.00 m and maximum draft of 8.00 m. The ship has capacity to carry up to 900 TEU. The deadweight of TS Taipei is 20,615 DWT and the gross tonnage is 15,487 GRT. The ship was built in 2006 by Jiangsu Yangzijiang Shipyard in China. The owner and operator of the vessel is Taiwanese company TS Lines.