Container ship Shang Qing 3 Hao lost 45 containers in Shanghai terminal

Shang Qing 3 Hao lost containersThe river container ship Shang Qing 3 Hao developed heavy list to starboard and lost 45 container overboard at Shanghai WGQ Container Terminal. The accident happened in bad weather conditions and strong winds, probably due to broken wires. The vessel received heavy list to starboard, but the crew prevented additional damages and succeeded to secure the vessel. However, 45 container fell overboard and drifted in the terminal waters, colliding with several docked ships and caused damages and dents to them. The floating containers seriously hampered the traffic in the area and forced local authorities to issue a temporary warning for navigation danger in the terminal.

The bad weather additionally disturbed collection of the floating containers and cleaning of the auqatoria of the terminal took more time than expected. There is no information about water pollution and type of the cargo inside them. According to the cargo plan, there were no hazardous cargo on board of river container ship Shang Qing 3 Hao. Fortunately there were no sufficient damages caused by the floating containers and no injured people.

The container vessel Shang Qing 3 Hao is operating as river freighter under the flag of China. The ship has overall length of 90.00 m, moulded beam of 15.00 m and maximum draft of 3.50 m.