Container ship Gang Tai Tai Zhou grounded by typhoon Meranti

Gang Tai Tai Zhou agroundThe container ship Gang Tai Tai Zhou dragged anchor and ran aground under the pressure of strong winds of super typhoon Meranti, which hit southern China last days. The ship was pushed aground on southwest tip of Kinmen island and hardly stuck by port board at the rocks. The crew were unable to prevent grounding due to the heavy seas and strong wind. According to preliminary information, there were several damages of the vessel’s hull and breaches below the water line. Some fuel tanks were leaking and spilled heavy fuel into the water, causing water pollution. The accident is reported to the local authorities, but salvage is not yet started.

The vessel is hardly stuck by port board and suffered serious damages. The local authorities will consider salvage of the vessel after assessing the size of breaches and estimate the seaworthiness of the container ship Gang Tai Tai Zhou. All the crew remained on board during the grounding and there is no information about injuries among them.

The emergency environmental plan was activated against the spilled oil near Kinmen island. The vessel was surrounded by oil booms and extension of the oil spot was stopped.

The container ship Gang Tai Tai Zhou (IMO: 9057484) has overall length of 241.00 m, moulded beam of 33.00 m and maximum draft of 10.60 m. The deadweight of the ship is 44,585 DWT and the gross tonnage is 42,323 GRT. The container ship was built in 1994 by HDK Kiel shipyard in Germany. The owner and operator of Gang Tai Tai Zhou is Chinese company Hongshend Gangtai.