Container ship Chang Rong 8 ran aground in Taiwan Strait

Chang Rong 8 ran agroundThe container ship Chang Rong 8 ran aground in Taiwan Strait on 1 nautical mile off Dongjia island, China. The vessel was en route from Rizhao to Haikou, but after engine failure hardly stuck into a rocky shallow near the Chinese islands. The container ship suffered hull breaches in engine room compartment and water ingress. The crew was unable to get control over the water ingress and requested assistance from the local authorities. At the scene of the troubled vessel was dispatched East China Sea Rescue ship Donghaijiu 116, which evacuated 7 from the 16 crew, while the rest remained during salvage operations. There is no immediate danger for the crew and vessel, but strong winds additionally worsen the situation.

The refloating of the vessel will be done just after patching the breaches and pumping out the water from the engine compartment. The draft in the aft is seriously increasing, but the vessel rested the bottom and is currently stable.

The local authorities started investigation for the circumstances and root cause of the grounding. There were no injured people, but some told of oily water spilled into the area. There is no oil leak reported, but authorities are monitoring the area for water pollution.

The container ship Chang Rong 8 has overall length of 145.00 m, moulded beam of 21.00 m and maximum draft of 7.00 m. The container carrier is operated by the Chinese feeder carrier Chang Rong Hai Yum.