Container handling crane caught fire at Porto Marghera in Italy

Fire crane Venice portContainer handling crane caught fire at Porto Marghera in Venice, Italy. The fire started from short circuit in the electrical equipment and quickly engulfed the whole fifteen-meter-high crane. The operator succeeded to escape from the machinery before extension of the fire and suceessfully evacuated. The accident happened during offloading containers from Panamanian-flagged vessel, which was carrying hazardous cargo Class A. The local authorities dispatched eight firefighting teams from Venice and Mestre, as well as port naval units, which succeeded to extinguish the flames within 2 hours. The firefighting was a race against time to try to put the fire under control before it spreads on the ship carrying highly flammable and hazardous cargo.

Fortunately the fire was put under control and fully extinguished without casualties and injuries. The operations at Porto Marghera were not affected by the accident and will not have sufficient delays from the time schedule.

The cause of the fire is under investigation, but could be related to electricity problems of the crane or the oil overheating in the crane engine.

Porto Marghera is part from Porto di Venezia.