CMA CGM opens new INDIGO service between Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea

CMA CGM INDIGO ServiceThe container shipping operator CMA CGM opens new INDIGO service, connecting Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. The new weekly line will reduce the transit time for transportation of products between the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea. INDIGO service adds a new port of call at Progresso in Mexico, which is enhancing the Group’s port coverage in the region. Also it is offering access to the Cuban ports of Mariel, and Santiago de Cuba (via a dedicated feeder service). The service can be combined with Trans-Pacific and Trans-Atlantic routes of the company through Kingston and Veracruz. In this way the company improves the connectivity of the Mexico and Caribbean ports with Australia, Asia, North Europe and Africa.

The INDIGO service loop includes: Progreso (Mexico) – Altamira (Mexico) – Veracruz (Mexico) – Mariel (Cuba) – Kingston (Jamaica) – Rio Haina (Dominican Republic) -Kingston (Jamaica) – Mariel (Cuba) – Progreso (Mexico).

The new service INDIGO was released just a week after the company implemented a lot of changes in its routes and offerings, launching EUROSAL XL, a new service connecting the West Coast of South America and Northern Europe, and upgraded its Moroccan coverage by deploying six services linking the country with Russia, Europe and the Middle East.

Meanwhile, CMA CGM changed its St Petersburg Shuttle A service, adding calls at port of Kotka in Finland on a weekly basis starting from December 15th, 2016.

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