Catamaran ferry Carmen Ernestina partially sank in Puerto la Cruz, Venezuela

Carmen ErnestinaThe catamaran ferry Carmen Ernestina partially sank at pier in Puerto la Cruz, Venezuela. The vessel suffered breaches in the hull and the port side flooded, resting the bottom and leaning the pier, half submerged. The ferry was docked at the port since 2 months without maintenance and abandoned by crew. The was under monitoring of the local authorities and National Organization for Maritime Safety and Security and Safety, but accident happened during the night. There were no injured people during the accident and no water pollution. The fuel tanks were drained after berthing and vessel do not impose danger for the environment. The salvage and refloating of the catamaran ferry Carmen Ernestina is under planning.

“That is because the boat is out of service stayning without maintenance. The hull had breached and started getting water ingress, while the drainage system is not working”, said general secretary of the National Organization for Maritime Safety and Security and Safety, Luis Inciarte.

The catamaran Ro-Ro ferry Carmen Ernestina (IMO: 9206126) has overall length of 86.60 m, moulded beam of 24.00 m and maximum draft of 4.00 m. The deadweight of the vessel is 455 DWt and the gross tonnage is 6,014 GRT. The ferry was taken out of service and docked at Puerto la Cruz two month ago. The vessel was built in 1999 by Austal Ships in Fremantle, Australia.