Cargo vessel collided with bunkering tanker in Tokyo Bay

KOTOHIRO MARU NO.8Cargo vessel collided with bunkering tanker in Tokyo Bay off Port of Kawasaki, Japan. The cargo ship’s bow struck the tanker’s portside in good weather and clear visibility. The both ships suffered damages, and breaches, but remained seaworthy. The incident was reported to local authorities and at the scene arrived water police and coast guard inspectors. The investigation for the root cause of the accident is under way, but according to preliminary information the responsible was the cargo vessel, which violated the ColReg rules and did not maneuvered accordingly. The both ships headed to port of Kawasaki after the accident by own power and docked for inspection and repairs.

During the accident there were no injured people and no water pollution. The names of the vessel were not disclosed, but Kawasaki Coast Guard station told that cargo vessel has gross tonnage of 685 GRT, while bunkering tanker has tonnage of 368 GRT.

The police started investigation for the circumstances around the accident.