Cargo throughput at port of Helsinki increased by 1.3% yoy in Q1 2016

port of HelsinkiThe cargo throughput at port of Helsinki in Q1 2016 increased by 1.3% yoy to 2.84 million tons. The volume of transshipment of bulk cargo decreased by 9.8% to 0.26 million tons, while general cargo grew by 2.5% to 2.28 million tons. In particular, the imports of general cargo totaled to 1.23 million tons (+5.2%) and exports amounted to 1.35 million tons (+0.2%). The container turnover at port of Helsinki reached 118,330 TEU in first quarter of 2016, representing a growth of 16.7% yoy. The number of transshipped trucks and trailers through the port ramp amounted to 122,060 units, almost the same as previous year result. The number of passengers increased by 5.6% to 2.25 million people.

Meanwhile the Port of Helsinki’s West Terminal prepares to meet growing passenger volumes and material flows transported on ferries with a new passenger terminal, which is currently under construction and scheduled for completion in 2017. It will increase the capacity of the port and will improve the service quality.

Port of Helsinki in Finland is international and important passenger and cargo port. It is important hub for maritime traffic between North and Baltic Seas, as well as the major port cities all over Europe. Cargo turnover in 2015 amounted to 11.41 million tons, container traffiv reached 430,430 TEU. Port of Helsinki is the second largest port in Finland and important for the local economy.