Cargo throughput at Port of Hamina-Kotka increased by 2.2% in January-November 2016

Hamina-KotkaThe cargo throughput of Port of Hamina-Kotka increased by 2.2% yoy in January-November 2016 to 12.11 million tons. The most significant growth was reported in container shipments, which rose by 14.6% yoy to 578,062 TEU, while the biggest decreased was reported in transportation of vehicles, which decreased by 63.3% yoy to 7,400 cars. Within the cargo throughput, the exports increased by 1.6% yoy to 8.65 million tons, including 2.4 million tons of paper (-1.9% yoy), 1.87 million tons liquid cargo (+13.5% yoy), 1.66 million tons lumber (+14.7% yoy). The volume of imports increased by 3.5% yoy to 3.46 million tons, including 1.14 million tonnes of liquid cargo (+5.2% yoy), 0.956 million tons of general cargo (-2.9% yoy) and 0.573 million tons of bulk cargoes (-4.3% yoy).

In November 2016, the Port of Hamina-Kotka handled 1.144 million tons of cargo, including exports of 0.737 million tons and imports of 0.407 million tons. The container turnover of the port amounted to 53,216 TEU.

The Finnish ports of Kotka and Hamina merged under the name Hamina-Kotka on May 1, 2011.

The Port of Kotka is located 50 km from the Russian border and 280 km from St Petersburg, being important cargo hub for Finland. It includes ports Mussalo, Hietanen, Kantasatama. The Port of Hamina is located 35 km from the Russian border. Throughput of the port of Hamina-Kotka in 2015 amounted to 12.97 million tons, while container turnover amounted to 555,380 TEU.