Cargo ship Zhong Heng 9 sank after collision on Yangtze river

Ship sank Yandze riverThe cargo ship Zhong Heng 9 sank after collision with another cargo vessel Chang Rong Men on Yangtze river in Baimaosha area. The both vessels were proceeding in opposite directions without being on crossing routes, but collision was caused of last minute maneuver of Chang Rong Men probably after failure of the steering gear or mistake of the duty officer. After the accident the cargo ship Zhong Heng 9 started getting water ingress and crew intentionally headed to a mud shallow. The vessel sank, but partially remained above the water. All the 15 crew members from the troubled cargo vessel was rescued without serious injuries.

The accident happened on the halfway between Nantong and Shanghai. The sunk cargo ship Zhong Heng 9 was encircled by oil booms to prevent leaks and water pollution. The local authorities dispatched salvage teams at the scene of the accident to consider refloating of the vessel. The other participant in the collision, cargo vessel Chang Rong Men, also suffered damages and got water ingress, but remained afloat and was anchored near the scene of the accident.

The cargo ship Zhong Heng 9 has overall length of 134.00 m, moulded beam of 19.00 m and maximum draft of 6.50 m.

The cargo vessel Chang Rong has overall length of 149.00 m, moulded beam of 22.00 m and maximum draft of 7.50 m.